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Blockchain can provide a system that will update suppliers with product specifications and requirements as per their purchasers.

Twitch gamer Sick_Nerd received an anonymous donation of 20 Bitcoins from one of his viewers during his Old School RuneScape stream last January 11.

Blockchain has started taking over several industries, and the gaming industry is no exception. Here are 10 decentralized game apps with the most users.

Decentralized ride-sharing platforms are starting to find their way in the tech industry. They have the goal to eliminate centralized ride-sharing problems.

There are several proofs that the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry are making appearances in mainstream media lately. Check out this infographic.

Litecoin will be the first cryptocurrency to sponsor the UFC. The LTC logo will first appear in the Octagon during UFC 232: Jones vs. Gustafsson on Dec 29.

Now that 2018 is about to end, which cryptocurrencies have entered the top 5 list? Get to know each one and how they ended up in with rank here.

Mobile application stores have a growing list of cryptocurrency-related apps. Here is a list of 7 must-have mobile apps you should install on your devices.

Jeopardy! recently featured cryptocurrency as a new category. Crypto enthusiasts consider this as a milestone for cryptocurrency's mainstream adoption.

Pigzbe is a digital wallet that teaches kids how to manage their money wisely through a piggy-wallet, educational app, and the new cryptocurrency Wollo.