Cryptocurrency experts and companies from around the globe will be attending this year’s Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference France in Paris on July 18, 2018.

The governor of the Spanish central bank warned financial institutions that using cryptos are risky, but he praised the potential uses of blockchain technology.

The Swiss Federal Council has backed a formal request to study the risks and opportunities in launching the country's own digital cryptocurrency, e-franc.

Bitcoin Gold suffered a hack where an attacker managed to control 51 percent of total hashpower and stole almost US$18 million worth of BTG coins.

The Supreme Court of India is scheduled to hear five petitions challenging the Reserve Bank's directive prohibiting transactions involving cryptocurrencies.

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission issued an advisory to serve as guidance to financial institutions involved in crypto derivatives contracts trading.

Regulators from the US and Canada have formed Operation Cryptosweep, a task force focused on cracking down cryptocurrency-related scams and fraud ICOs.

TRON's prices went up as the launch of the crypto’s own MainNet gains interest from investors. TRON will migrate from the Ethereum network to its MainNet.

The Wall Street Journal has found 271 out of 1450 reviewed initial coin offerings are fraudulent, showing clear signs investors should instantly avoid.

Ethereum was ranked the best public blockchain project, according to China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, while Bitcoin was ranked 13th.