Top 10 Most Popular dApp Games

Blockchain technology can be used in different industries such as banking, education, health, and business. But, the fun side of blockchain is that it can also be used in games through decentralized applications (dApps).

dApps run on a blockchain and can be used as different outlets whether it is for games, gambling, or as exchanges. Most of the dApp games run on the Ethereum blockchain, but there are some that run on the EOS, TRON, and STEEM blockchain.

There are sites such as DappRadar,, and State of the DApps wherein they rank the best dApps in terms of users, volume, and transactions. Here is an infographic on the most popular dApps across these platforms:

Top 10 Most Popular dApp Games Infograph

In these dApp games, the characters can be equal to one token wherein when players decide to trade or sell their avatars, they somehow get tokens in return. This process is what makes the game work on the blockchain as each process is recorded on a smart contact and is registered as a transaction.

Most of these games revolve around the action/adventure theme like EOS Knights, My Crypto Heroes, LORDLESS, CryptoAssault, and 0xUniverse. Meanwhile, there are other games that allow you to breed, train, and trade pets like Blockchain Cuties, CryptoKitties, Etheremon, and HyperDragons. There are also unique games such as Gods Unchained in which players can trade special cards.

These are only some of the popular decentralized games on the web. In the growing industry of blockchain, more and more games and applications are added to the dApp library.