Litecoin will be the first cryptocurrency to sponsor the UFC. The LTC logo will first appear in the Octagon during UFC 232: Jones vs. Gustafsson on Dec 29.

Dash is the number one crypto in Venezuela. With the country's hyperinflation crisis, Venezuelans turn to Dash to protect their finances, but why Dash?

Craig Wright, nChain’s chief scientist, claims that Bitcoin SV will take Bitcoin ABC off of the chain after the scheduled Bitcoin Cash hard fork on Nov 15.

The Swiss Federal Council has backed a formal request to study the risks and opportunities in launching the country's own digital cryptocurrency, e-franc.

Bitcoin Gold suffered a hack where an attacker managed to control 51 percent of total hashpower and stole almost US$18 million worth of BTG coins.

TRON's prices went up as the launch of the crypto’s own MainNet gains interest from investors. TRON will migrate from the Ethereum network to its MainNet.

Bing joins Google and Facebook in banning companies from posting any cryptocurrency-related advertising on the search engine beginning next month.

Media giant Thomson Reuters, in partnership with crypto exchanges, released a real-time virtual currency data feed available to traders and investors.

Explore the future with blockchain-powered ICOs opening in March. Here are four upcoming ICOs investors and the community should keep an eye on.

OpenBazaar is now open to different altcoin payments. This allow various cryptocurrency owners to buy and sell goods at OpenBazaar’s open-source program.