Craig Wright: If You Support ABC, We Will Remove You

Bitcoin Cash (BCH), which was forked from Bitcoin (BTC) in 2017, will be having its own hard fork on November 15. BCH will supposedly then be split into Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV. But Craig Wright, a huge Bitcoin SV supporter, goes all out speaking about his plan to eliminate ABC from the BCH equation.

The announcement of the split came as no surprise as BCH regularly undergoes two hard forks a year to upgrade the blockchain’s protocols. However, with the proposed updates given this year, the BCH community weighs in on which one to follow.

Last July, Bitcoin ABC, led by developer Amaury Séchet, released a proposal for BCH network updates. The proposal aims to have multiple improvements such as updating the BCH scripting language and adding a canonical transaction ordering. The most talked-about update in the proposal is the option to increase the blocksize cap depending on the consensus of miners, hence calling it ABC which means Adjustable Blocksize Cap.

A week after the announcement of the Bitcoin ABC proposal, nChain released its own BCH protocol update proposal called the Satoshi Vision (SV). The main purpose of the SV proposal is to expand the 32-megabyte block size limit of BCH to 128 megabyte. With the SV proposal being largely incompatible with the Bitcoin ABC proposal, a hard fork that leads to Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV was scheduled.

Companies Choose Sides

Different crypto companies have already chosen sides. Crypto exchange platforms such as Coinbase, BitPay, and Binance said they would be supporting Bitcoin ABC. BCH mining pools CoinGeek and Mempool, on the other hand, expressed their willingness to back up Bitcoin SV.

As the hard fork quickly approaches, Craig Wright, chief scientist of nChain and mind behind Bitcoin SV, gains online attention with his outright expression of his plan to bankrupt future Bitcoin ABC users. Also known as the self-proclaimed Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto, Wright argues that Bitcoin SV is the real Bitcoin as it is the one closest to what the white paper of the first cryptocurrency describes. Wright said in an interview:

“I’m a dogmatic b*stard who has a single laser focus on what bitcoin is—which is money—and wants it to be global. And doesn’t want stupid scams such as bucket shops to illegally pump the price. Bitcoin—as in the whitepaper—matters to me, and I’m not going to let go. They can have whatever they want—ano-coin, anarcho-coin, no-state-coin—I don’t give a sh*t. But it’s not going to be Bitcoin.”

Jihan Wu, co-founder of Bitmain and Bitcoin ABC supporter, expressed his displeasure with Craig Wright on Twitter. One of his tweets read:

“The whole BCH community are working together to kick Fake Satoshi out. The resisitence against cult leader proves the inner strength and sophistication of the BCH ecosystem!”

Will Wright Be Right?

Last November 11, Craig Wright mentioned in a tweet. The post came with an image showing that Bitcoin SV miners will benefit from a hash rate that is higher than of Bitcoin ABC miners’. In the tweet, he said he is not bluffing with his threats and stated that everything earned through ABC will be gone. His tweet read:

“Hey @btccom_official  Do you guys really want to mine for NOTHING. Others like to say I am bluffing…. I am not. EVERY satoshi ever mined and earnt on BCH using ABC will be reversed. You mine ABC, you piss in the wind and burn electricity for nothing. It is a promise”

Wright then carried on with a thread of tweets explaining how they will use their hash power to take down Bitcoin ABC. The nChain Chief Scientist said that they will mine over each ABC block to make sure that ABC mining pools will result to nothing. He firmly said he will make sure all transactions through Bitcoin ABC will be zero.

One of the tweets in this thread had him stating that supporters of Bitcoin ABC will go bankrupt because of him. His tweet read:

“When you say I will not go through with this… YOU WILL BE BANKRUPTED AND I WILL WATCH YOU are wrong!”

Another one of his tweets said that the supporters of Bitcoin ABC will be “removed.” The tweet read:

“IF You support ABC, we will remove you And, if you think I care about PoSM – you better think this is me BEING NICE!!!!!”

Calvin Ayre, founder of CoinGeek, also expressed his support for Bitcoin SV in the upcoming “hash war.” He said that the hash war is over even though it has not started yet, following his assertion that Bitcoin SV has more mining pools, including his company – CoinGeek. The tweet read:

“Hash war over? CoinDance now says Bitcoin SV has backing of at least 45% and at most 60% of the current hash rate.   ABC is estimated at 21% minimum, and at most 39% maximum of current hash rate.”

Meanwhile, the Twitter user @LucasLucy1 showed concern by asking Wright what they should do to save their BCH. The tweet read:

“some of my bch is left on the exchange. will it be affected by your fight with abc? my plan is to trade abc to bch as soon it get listed.”

Wright then replied with:

“We are going to make certain there is no Split, so, no ABC will exist. Just BCH”

Another Twitter user who is a Bitcoin SV supporter also tweeted Wright a query. @FernandoRionda2 asked Wright if there is a possibility for Bitcoin ABC to survive the hash war. The tweet read:

“It is possible that the altcoin Bitcoin ABC will survive to the hash war for the difficult adjustment algorithm (DAA)? The difficulty is adjusted in each block.  I hope BitcoinSV destroys ABC”

Wright simply replied with:


With all the fuss surrounding the controversy of the scheduled BCH hard fork, only time will tell as to whether Bitcoin SV will completely dominate the update to remove Bitcoin ABC from the equation or the ABC miners will be successful in its aim to keep the BCH name running.