Twitch gamer Sick_Nerd received an anonymous donation of 20 Bitcoins from one of his viewers during his Old School RuneScape stream last January 11.

Craig Wright, nChain’s chief scientist, claims that Bitcoin SV will take Bitcoin ABC off of the chain after the scheduled Bitcoin Cash hard fork on Nov 15.

A research paper by Princeton University and Florida International University discusses China's capabilities of destabilizing the Bitcoin mining network.

After Australia accepted the use of Bitcoin as payment, the country underwent developments especially in the field of travel, housing, and finance.

Bing joins Google and Facebook in banning companies from posting any cryptocurrency-related advertising on the search engine beginning next month.

Media giant Thomson Reuters, in partnership with crypto exchanges, released a real-time virtual currency data feed available to traders and investors.

Billionaire investor Warren Buffett and other big-time investors attacked cryptocurrencies last May 5, and this might have caused the drop in Bitcoin price.

Investing in ICO has become the newest trend worldwide, but there are still risks involved. Fraud and scams have caused cryptocurrency litigation to rise.

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Philippines will have the co-founder of Intrepid Venture, Zach Piester, to talk about Blockchain and ICO Investment.

The Government of China suspended Bitcoin exchange trading activities in the country, but this showed only little effect on the Bitcoin price.