Bitcoin has always been affected by major world events. Now, the US presidential election has the world’s attention and it’s rocking Bitcoin’s boat.

Leading Bitcoin payment processor BitPay announced that they would be releasing a new app that allowed full buying, spending, and storing of Bitcoin.

Many Bitcoin users enjoy the seemingly private nature of Bitcoin, but certain measures must be taken to guarantee full privacy when using Bitcoin.

Bitcoin price will get a boost once MegaUpload 2.0 opens in January 2017, according to controversial online entrepreneur Kim Dotcom.

The Japanese love cute girls and cryptocurrency enthusiasts hope that their new BitGirls will give Bitcoin and other altcoins a boost in the country.

Judge Alison Nathan, presiding over the court case, has made the court decision to admit Bitcoin is money or to at least consider it as one.

The sudden Bitcoin price spike pushed the cryptocurrency past the $600 mark again, pointing to several factors behind the recent momentum.

Bitcoin is not the obscure cryptocurrency that it was years ago. There are some great places to spend bitcoins nowadays, including these five sites.

With the version 0.13.0 of the Bitcoin Core client coming out, there have been rumors that the release will be plagued by cyberattacks.

The hacking incident that rocked Bitfinex could be this year’s worst, so much that it pushed the Bitcoin price down and left traders with huge losses.