Where To Spend Bitcoins Online?

Bitcoin has become a viable payment method nowadays. A lot of people still remember the bad old days when bitcoins were only used by nerdy computer engineers or criminals who do not want to be traced. Though there is still a lingering fear about accounts and exchanges being hacked, a lot of people are becoming open to the idea of using Bitcoin as a medium of exchange.

Companies and stores have started accepting Bitcoin. For example, with Bitcoin, people can now buy merchandise of popular NBA teams like the Sacramento Kings and they can even reawaken their love lives via dating services like OkCupid. It would also be hard to ignore the many Bitcoin gambling sites that have popped up. However, the true test of Bitcoin as a currency is its acceptance by big names in the retail industry. Here are five sites with name recognition where people can spend Bitcoins on.


The biggest name in software, Microsoft, has also started accepting Bitcoin. This was done in December 2014. The first changes were done for the US customer base. Nowadays, Bitcoin can now be used by every Windows 10 users from the US.

This cryptocurrency can be used to pay for everything on the Windows online store like apps and games. It is not just for Windows 10 either but also for Windows Phones and the Xbox stores. This is done with assistance of BitPay, one of the world’s leading Bitcoin payment processors.


Overstock is a well-known online retailer that has decided to accept Bitcoin. Selling mostly home décor and furniture, the company sells closeout merchandise at a decent bargain. It may not be Amazon, but the online store has a whole stock of products that customers can choose from. The company started accepting Bitcoin in 2014 and has been happy with it ever since.


Though NameCheap may not resonate with the casual Internet user, those who maintain their own website or blog will find this name familiar. NameCheap ranks alongside GoDaddy and Google Domains as one of the most popular domain registration services online. If a person needs to get domain name reserved, then they go to one of the three.

NameCheap started accepting Bitcoin around March 2013. The main reason for the adoption was to provide customers with unrestricted payment options. NameCheap accepts Bitcoin for most of its services. This includes domain registration, buying SSL certificates, and a domain parking service.


Even non-tech savvy people know about WordPress. A favorite online platform, it was one of the first online websites to start accepting Bitcoin back in 2012. This is because the platform’s main goal is to serve as an unrestricted domain for expression. With multiple payment options, anyone can start up a WordPress website and use it to amplify their voice on the Internet.


Another big name accepting Bitcoin is Dell. Focused on selling hardware, Dell started accepting bitcoins last year. One of the largest computer manufacturers in the world, people can now buy Dell hardware with their bitcoins and be satisfied with the results. The company partnered up with Coinbase and introduced it initially to US citizens, but eventually opened it up to UK and Canadian citizens as well.

With all of these choices, Bitcoin users have a wide array of choices to select from. Add to these the fact that consumers now have alternative options in using Bitcoin, and this includes through Bitcoin debit cards and ewallets that support the cryptocurrency.