7 Must-Have Mobile Apps for Crypto Users

Hundreds of crypto-related mobile applications have been developed ever since cryptocurrency started becoming a household name. From exchanges to wallets, mobile apps have made the accessibility of crypto much easier. Plus, having them on mobile is convenient as they can be used on the go.

With the long list of available crypto-related mobile apps, here are seven apps that you should have on your mobile devices:

1| Binance


This crypto-to-crypto exchange platform started in 2017. It offers two options of trading: Basic and Advance. The Basic view offers the simple details you need to know for a trade. Meanwhile, the Advance view shows you more technical details if you prefer analyzing the data before trading.

Binance currently offers a huge selection of coins with over 100 different cryptocurrencies. These include Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Dash, Litecoin, and Tether. The exchange even has its own coin called Binance Coin.

2| Coinigy

Coinigy started in 2014, and it integrates more than 40 cryptocurrency exchanges like Bitfinex, C-Cex, Coinmate, Coincheck, ItBit, Korbit, and Kraken into a single exchange platform. Adding to that, you can customize the app to show you the data of your preferred exchanges or cryptocurrencies through a TradingView price chart. Moreover, the platform is deemed secure with no history of security breach throughout its four years in the industry.

3| Coinbase


This application is the biggest Bitcoin broker in the world with over 30 countries supported including the USA, Canada, Singapore, and Australia. Using it will require you to first send your personal information to let you buy and sell Bitcoin through your bank account, debit card, and credit card.

Although it is known for being a Bitcoin broker, the platform works also as an exchange for other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum Classic. You can use it as your Bitcoin wallet as well.

4| Xapo


Formed in 2014, Xapo is a Bitcoin exchange and online wallet rolled into one. The app lets you buy BTC through it and at the same time you can store your crypto in your account for safekeeping.

Xapos used to offer a Xapo debit card that was linked to the user’s online wallet, and it worked similarly to other debit cards. Unfortunately, Visa suddenly stopped its support for the debit card last January causing it to discontinue. However, Xapo plans to bring back a new version of the card in the near future.

5| Cryptonaut

Cryptonaut is an app that acts as a wallet for your different cryptocurrencies. It makes managing your crypto easier as compared to having separate wallets for each currency. Adding to that, it even lets you track the value of all crypto that you use. You can fully customize the app to give you alerts whenever you make transactions with your coins or tokens as well.

6| Jaxx Liberty

Jaxx Liberty

This app started in 2014, and it is another online wallet that can hold different cryptocurrencies. You can store around 20 different crypto here including Bitcoin, Edgeless, Dawn, Ethereum, Golem, and Polymath. Also, it has its own built-in crypto exchange, letting you convert your available coins or tokens into different ones.

Jaxx Liberty allows you to import and export your private keys for extra safekeeping of your coins and tokens. You can turn your wallet into a QR code for easier transactions with other users as well.

7| Coinomi Wallet

Coinomi Wallet

Coinomi Wallet is an online wallet that supports over 110 of the available cryptocurrencies. It even makes sure that all your stored assets in it will be very safe with multiple security features including IP masking and an HD algorithm.

Other than being just a wallet, you can use it to perform transactions with other users. You can even send crypto to SegWit addresses through your Coinomi Wallet as well.

This concludes the list of the must-have mobile apps for crypto users. Although these are only seven of the vast number of available crypto-related apps you can find online, these are the ones that are worth installing whether you are a crypto veteran or a newbie to the industry.