After Australia accepted the use of Bitcoin as payment, the country underwent developments especially in the field of travel, housing, and finance.

There are many ways to invest in Bitcoin. Here are the top three effective methods of investing in Bitcoin and generate income all throughout 2017.

China looks for new Bitcoin restrictions for online exchanges, specifically addressing how Bitcoin exchanges can market their business to new users.

HashFlare helps out Dash miners with its latest discount offer of 10-percent off for Dash mining contracts, but this offer lasts until Oct. 15 only.

The Japanese love cute girls and cryptocurrency enthusiasts hope that their new BitGirls will give Bitcoin and other altcoins a boost in the country.

Judge Alison Nathan, presiding over the court case, has made the court decision to admit Bitcoin is money or to at least consider it as one.

The hacking incident that rocked Bitfinex could be this year’s worst, so much that it pushed the Bitcoin price down and left traders with huge losses.

The story of Mt. Gox collapse has become a cautionary tale for those investing in Bitcoin, but new twists have been added to the story.

Bitcoin price fluctuations have hit the market once again, with the cryptocurrency taking a hit from a $440 high to below $400 this week.

The improving perceptions of Bitcoin make possible for the rise of the UK Bitcoin exchanges that provide safe, convenient means to trade bitcoins.