3 Effective Ways to Invest in Bitcoin in 2017

There are many Bitcoin investment methods that everyone can do. However, it is important for those planning on investing in Bitcoin to understand the goal of these methods. Understanding these investment methods can help potential investors to know how to profit from it. Here are some of the effective methods to invest in Bitcoin.

Holding on to bitcoins

The simplest form of investment is to buy some Bitcoin and hold on to it for a long time or until the value increases. When the value of Bitcoin goes up and the investor sells their coin, they can get back their money and a small profit. If an investor buys $100 worth of Bitcoin and sells it when the price is at $150, for example, he gets his $100 back and gains a $50 profit.

This type of investment method is called holding. In order to gain a significant amount of money, investors need to purchase and store large amounts of Bitcoin. Doing so could make them a target of online criminals if they leave their coins in an online wallet or exchange site. Therefore, it is important for investors to place their bitcoins in an offline wallet or cold storage. Doing so prevents any unwanted online access to their Bitcoin wallet.

Buying and selling bitcoins

Trading has the same principle as holding bitcoins. Investors buy bitcoins at a lower price and sell it at a higher value. Traders, though, are more active in earning more Bitcoin or money than the holders. If done right, investors can double their investment. This is the reason those engaging in trading should know when the best time is to buy and sell their bitcoins.

The key to trading is to know the current events that can affect the value of cryptocurrency. Traders should also check the value of Bitcoin in numerous websites in order to get a clear gauge of the average price. By doing their research, traders can avoid making a mistake of panic buying or selling and lose bitcoins in the end.

Bitcoin mining

As the name suggests, Bitcoin mining is the process of getting new bitcoins. Most computers can mine Bitcoin. However, almost any kind of commercial computer is equivalent to using a small spoon to dig a small hole. Bitcoin miners use a specially made hardware that can efficiently mine the cryptocurrency. These kinds of hardware are usually expensive.

However, there are companies that offer cloud Bitcoin mining that offers cloud hash services. Investors receive mining capacities from these companies. The more mining capacity investors have, the more Bitcoin they can create.

Before investors plan on signing up with a cloud Bitcoin mining company, they need to check their credentials. They can do this by finding sites that review cloud mining companies. These sites can tell them more about what to expect from a certain company and if they are worth investing in.