6 Reasons Changelly Is a Game-Changer

Changelly is known as one of the Bitcoin and altcoin exchange platforms best for novice and mid-level crypto enthusiasts. One reason for this is that the platform heavily promotes an easy trade between cryptocurrencies at the best market rate.

The process of transferring the user’s crypto via Changelly from one wallet to another can be done in a matter of short and easy steps, taking 30 minutes or less.  First, users indicate the amount and the crypto they want to exchange for. Next, the site selects the most suitable crypto trade. Then, users enter their crypto wallet address. Finally, the site confirms the transaction and sends crypto to the destination wallet.

Since this whole process is accompanied with helpful instructions on the how-tos, even the most newbie among all the new Changelly users will find it easy to transact onsite. But the brand is a game-changer not just because of the “ease of use” feature it flaunts but also because of the following reasons:

1| More Than 100 Altcoins Listed

Changelly currently supports around 130 cryptocurrencies. Alongside Bitcoin, some of the altcoins available for exchange on the platform are Dash (DASH), Radium (RADS), Steem (STEEM), Zcash (ZEC), and Melon (MLN), among others.

In October 2018, the exchange site added more cryptos to its list: Ardor (ARDR), Ignis (IGNIS), Cardano (ADA), and Groestlcoin (GRS).

@Changelly_team tweeted on October 19, 2018:

“Welcome to Changelly family, @GroestlcoinTeam! $GRS, the first coin that activated #SEGWIT is ready for quick and handy swaps at http://changelly.com/exchange/crypto/grs … ? 100+ #cryptocurrencies, the best rates from our partners, 24/7 support – just give it a try!”

2| Credit Card Payment Support

In partnership with IndaCoin, a London-based exchange, Changelly now supports fiat-money payments. Investors can now buy cryptocurrencies onsite via USD or EUR MasterCard/Visa credit cards. Only those cards with 3d-secure feature, though, are eligible for payment transactions.

However, it is still recommended that users buy BTC or any other common crypto on Changelly and then just convert it to their desired altcoin. The reason is that Indacoin is unavailable in the USA and other jurisdictions as this Changelly partner made some changes in some of its policies.

3| Over 2 Million Registered Users Worldwide

According to the data provided by Changelly, the exchange platform has already had 2 million users and counting since it started operations in 2015. With this much clientele size, the platform processes over 15,000 trading transactions per week. All these contribute to an average monthly turnover of 60,000 BTC.

Despite the company’s huge number of account holders, the crypto exchange platform is still able to provide transparency through the daily site statistics. As of this writing, Changelly has gotten over 10,000 visits: 61% are from new users and 39% from the regular Changelly investors. This information falls under its 24-Hour Statistics section of the site.

4| Customer Support via Social Media

Changelly acknowledges customer concerns thrown to them through their social media accounts. The company’s support team proves to be very active when it comes to addressing the users’ concerns on social media.

On October 24, for instance, a certain @iamnovinov asked, “Why do you not have an iPhone app?!?”  The team answered:

 “Hello! Thanks for asking! We aware that lots of our customers use iOS and our dev team is working on this matter. Once our app appears in App Store, we’ll surely inform the community.”

On October 11, @TampaDaveRE asked, “Any plans on adding Circle’s USDC stable coin to the platform?” Changelly answered:

“David, thanks for asking! $USDC will appear on our service soon. Stay tuned!”

On October 17, @freshboi1990 raised his concern, “My Litecoin deposit has not shown up for an hour now.” The team guided the user as they replied:

“Hello! Have you already contacted our support team via live chat/at [email protected]? If not yet, please provide us with your Changelly transaction ID so we could attend to the matter and assist you.”

5| Only 0.5% Commission Fee

Changelly does not impose any hidden fees or require users to make a deposit, it just asks for a 0.5% commission fee. Because of crypto’s volatile nature, it does not apply fixed rates. Instead, the platform bases its commission fee on a fixed percentage total.

With fixed rates, Changelly will have to cover currency volatility and market risks. But by keeping the fee at 0.5%, it can consistently offer low transaction charges.

Users can also see the total of the transaction, with the fees and current exchange rate, before they continue on with the trade. This feature keeps the trade transaction transparent.

Changelly Transaction

The amount of time for Changelly to process transactions is about 5 to 30 minutes. However, for large transactions worth over 1 BTC, the processing may take a while longer. Transaction time depends on blockchain capacity and the size of the transaction.

6| Strong Partnership with Well-Known Crypto Wallets

With over 20 e-wallet partners, Changelly can offer its services to a wider scope of investors. A few of the exchange platform’s known partners are Lumi, Emoon, Simplex, Atomic, and TrustWallet.

On October 22, Trezor, a leading hardware wallet, partnered with Changelly, among other trading platforms, in launching its Exchanges feature. With the new addition to its services, Trezor can now give its users a way to trade cryptos. On the same day, @Changelly_team tweeted a reply to Trezor’s announcement. It read:

“Congrats to @Trezor! We are pleased to collaborate with your team!”

Changelly continues to innovate to maintain its position as one of the leading exchange platforms on the market today. It will not be a surprise if the brand moves toward supporting more altcoins, partnering with more crypto wallets, and making the user’s experience closer to being effortless.