Top 4 Upcoming ICOs You Should Look Out For

Despite the great cryptocurrency depression in January, the ICO train has kept moving forward. There are plenty of great projects in the pipeline. Here are four upcoming ICOs that I think will perform the most.


ICO starts March 5

I’m always a fan of blockchain for enterprise use cases and this is one of my favorites. Blockchain mass adoption won’t happen without businesses readily using blockchains and the experienced team at Loyakk has realized this. They are building the “First Blockchain-enabled Platform for Decentralized Business Networks”.

For those of us who understand the importance of sharing business data in today’s world, Loyakk’s Vega Business Relationship Platform looks at tomorrow’s world. Their patent-pending technology was born out of high-level experience at corporations like SAP and IBM, empowering blockchain to quickly and securely transmit information in high stakes situations.

The Loyakk token carries the information and the aim is for Loyakk to power all inter-company interactions. Confidentiality between companies is kept using permissioned i.e. private blockchains.

With a development team that worked on other blockchain for business uses like JP Morgan’s Quorum or R3’s Corda, there’s all the more reason to believe this project will be a success. They are so sure of their success that they will host the “Loyakk index” – a method for investors to track the adoption rate of the technology.

Loyakk makes great use of blockchain technology and has the potential to be a key component of enterprise systems for generations to come. They have a more than competent team and a great market for their product. Just take my money already.


ICO starts 28th March

The market for influencer marketing has become a real boon for companies who want to reach a social media-focused society, so much so that even Google owns a company that hires video bloggers for ad placements.

But the problem is that this placement can sometimes be a cumbersome process as advertisers need to take time to find the right person at the right price. AdHive makes use of artificial technology—on top of smart contracts—to automate and streamline the whole market.

Advertisers just need to enter specifications for the advert and the AI-system will select and send invites-to-apply to chosen influencers. Once an ad has been completed, the AI will analyze the video contribution to ensure the advertisers original requirements have been met, before rewarding the influencer with ADH tokens.

With a very technically minded leadership team, this clever project could transform the so-called gig economy. And a huge community of 19,000 in their telegram channel, so there’s bound to be high demand for these tokens.


ICO starts 25th March

Photochain is bringing about a revolution in the photography market. In an industry dominated by the big corporate photostocks, photographers are often overlooked in terms of fair compensation.

Photographers must give up licensing rights to the photostocks, so in the end they may only receive less than 25 percent of the sales proceeds. By creating a platform where photographers keep their rights and sell directly to buyers, Photochain aims to bring back fair reward for the industry.

Photochain also provides the security a photographer needs when protecting their digital rights. The Digital Copyright Chain is a blockchain database linking each image to the original photographer. This helps copyright abuse, as unauthorized use of the photo is easily detectable.

The platform is intended to be a place for photographers to be able to sell photography on their own terms using the Photon token, while the whole thing is moderated by the community. Good behavior on the platform is rewarded by more tokens and the long-term aim of the project is to become a DAO.

The project has a sleek demo already and a team stacked in experience across a wide range of disciplines. Photochain is a great use of blockchain reversing the power in an industry and how to create a community for content creators to sell their work flexibly, safely and securely.


ICO starts 1st March

Friendz is another project that is disrupting the social media advertising space. The Friendz platform is about rightly rewarding individuals who take part in mass scale, brand scale advertising.

For example, Apple will send out a request for a branding campaign and wants to reward those who tweet them using their Apple Macbook computers. All tweeters that complete the branding campaign requirements are rewarded with Friendz tokens.

It is a decentralized and democratic way for users to take part in branding campaigns with ease. The platform also helps companies identify their communities and makes it simple to interact and give back to them for their support.

The project (without blockchain) has been active since 2016, with great success including 200+ corporate clients and more than €1.2 million estimate revenue generation through their campaigns. I believe that blockchain can only bring great benefits to the concept and take it to new levels.