Cryptocurrency a New Category on Jeopardy

Popular game show Jeopardy! recently featured cryptocurrency as one of its categories. With this pop culture breakthrough, it can be proven that cryptocurrencies are making their way into the mainstream media.

Twitter user @UnderstatedPete was one of the first people who shared the news as he posted pictures from the show displaying the new category. The tweet read:

“Anyone else see this?! @mdudas @fintechfrank @nlw @APompliano”

As seen in the photo, the cryptocurrencies category is one of the last resorts by the contestants. This indicates that the topic is still a foreign and intimidating subject for most people. It stood alongside categories such as Rutherford B. Hayes, movies, and dates.

Jeopardy! is best-known as the unique game show in which the answers are given by the host, and the contestants respond in a form of a question. Host Alex Trebek asked the following questions in order of difficulty:

  • For US$200: An altcoin is any unit of cryptocurrency other than this original one.

         Answer: What is Bitcoin?

  • For US$400: In 2018, this South American country launched the Petro currency backed by oil reserves.

        Answer: What is Venezuela?

  • For US$600: This 3-letter chat app created its own currency, the very similarly named Kin.

       Answer: What is Kik?

  • For US$800: Each transaction is a “block” connected in these digital ledgers that enable cryptocurrencies to work.

       Answer: What is blockchain?

  • For US$1,000: A lawsuit from this rapper killed off the Coinye currency.

      Answer: Who is Kanye West?

The first time that cryptocurrencies were mentioned on the show was back in April 2018. The subject made its debut as a clue. The clue was, “In December 2017, one unit of this cryptocurrency was 15 times more than an ounce of gold,” in which the correct answer was Bitcoin.

Throughout the years, cryptocurrency has been referenced in movies and TV like The Simpsons, Horrible Bosses 2, and Mr. Robot. In addition, this is the first time that cryptocurrency was featured as a category in a TV game show.

Jeopardy has been on the air since 1964, and in November 2018, the show was renewed until 2023. This gives more opportunities for cryptocurrencies to be recognized as household names which can lead to mainstream adoption.