10 Proofs Blockchain and Crypto Are Going Mainstream

The words blockchain and cryptocurrency are taunting for the common folk as these can be unfamiliar tech and business concepts. Blockchain is a digital ledger while cryptocurrency is a digital asset produced on a decentralized blockchain.

Nowadays, more and more companies, organizations, and celebrities are getting themselves into decentralized technology. The spread of blockchain and crypto is fast as they reach the households of the general public.

In the past year alone, blockchain and cryptocurrency have made several breakthroughs in popular culture. Here is an infographic on pieces of evidence that blockchain and crypto are taking over the mainstream:



Blockchain and Crypto in the Mainstream

TV & Film

With most people’s lives revolving around looking at a screen, TV shows are a great way to reach an audience. Geeky shows such as the Big Bang Theory and Silicon Valley have discussed Bitcoin several times in their respective episodes.

Another show that got on the cryptocurrency topic was Jeopardy! Last November 2018, the game show featured cryptocurrency as one of its category with questions like “What is Bitcoin?” and “What is Blockchain?”

In the film industry, No Postage Necessary is a romantic movie released on a blockchain-based video network app called Qtum. Afterward, reports rose on the possibility of blockchain film distributions ending piracy altogether.


In Hollywood, Kim Kardashian-West and Kanye West are also on board the crypto train. Kim got her first physical Bitcoin during a Texas Hold’em poker tournament charity event. Meanwhile, her husband Kanye simply tweeted the word “decentralize” which excited the crypto community and sparked endorsement rumors.

Meanwhile, in Japan, a cryptocurrency J-Pop group was formed. The group is identified as Kasotsuka Shojo or Virtual Currency Girls wherein each member has crypto stage names such as Bitcoin, Ripple, Cardano, and Ethereum.


Blockchain-powered phones also launched last year. Sirin Labs’ Finney and HTC’s Exodus are both trailblazers of tech as both phones have built-in crypto wallets. Samsung is also looking into releasing a blockchain phone as the company has already submitted a trademark request.

Facebook has entered the blockchain and cryptocurrency community as well. The social media giant set up a startup and is forming a blockchain team. There are even reports that Facebook will be launching its own cryptocurrency.


Scrabble players can now use Bitcoin as a word in-game. The Merriam-Webster’s Official Scrabble Players Dictionary (OSPD) officially considered the word Bitcoin as a valid move to play on the board game. Officials use the dictionary to verify words on bonafide Scrabble tournaments.

Lastly, the UFC recently promoted Litecoin as its official cryptocurrency partner for UFC 232. The digital asset had its logo in the middle of the Octagon which was visible to UFC’s “millions of viewers.”

These are only some of the mainstream highlights that happened in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. With 2019 just starting, it would not be long until a breakthrough will happen again.