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Dash is the number one crypto in Venezuela. With the country's hyperinflation crisis, Venezuelans turn to Dash to protect their finances, but why Dash?

By having a built-in wallet and secure exchange access, Sirin Labs’ Finney might be considered as the world's first blockchain-powered device.

A report by the Forrester Research states that companies are steering away from using the term "blockchain" and has started to use the term "DLT" instead.

Asia is one of the top three continents that actively support and regulate cryptocurrencies. Here are the most prominent crypto countries in Asia.

Craig Wright, nChain’s chief scientist, claims that Bitcoin SV will take Bitcoin ABC off of the chain after the scheduled Bitcoin Cash hard fork on Nov 15.

A research paper by Princeton University and Florida International University discusses China's capabilities of destabilizing the Bitcoin mining network.

Apart from the finance sector, 6 major industries including health and banking have been using the blockchain technology to provide users with convenience.

Ten years ago, Bitcoin in its white paper held a promise of fast transactions, decentralization, low fees, and so on. Has the coin lived up to its promises?

On October 29, three companies in three different countries announces their blockchain breakthroughs related to banking, energy, and diamond mining.

Most people think they know everything about Bitcoin. Apart from the updates and features of this coin, there are still facts that are unknown to users.