Bitcoin Gold suffered a hack where an attacker managed to control 51 percent of total hashpower and stole almost US$18 million worth of BTG coins.

Regulators from the US and Canada have formed Operation Cryptosweep, a task force focused on cracking down cryptocurrency-related scams and fraud ICOs.

The Wall Street Journal has found 271 out of 1450 reviewed initial coin offerings are fraudulent, showing clear signs investors should instantly avoid.

Investing in ICO has become the newest trend worldwide, but there are still risks involved. Fraud and scams have caused cryptocurrency litigation to rise.

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Philippines will have the co-founder of Intrepid Venture, Zach Piester, to talk about Blockchain and ICO Investment.

With the Bitcoin price surge, cyber criminals look to crack into poorly protected wallets. Here are tips to help ensure a secure Bitcoin wallet. made milestones this month as it launched the 10 millionth Bitcoin wallet and recently unveiled its latest Bitcoin wallet product.

Leading Bitcoin payment processor BitPay announced that they would be releasing a new app that allowed full buying, spending, and storing of Bitcoin.

Ethereum and Ethereum Classic are both going through a rough patch, forcing them to more hard forks to address security concerns and operations.

Many Bitcoin users enjoy the seemingly private nature of Bitcoin, but certain measures must be taken to guarantee full privacy when using Bitcoin.