Outs 10M Wallets & New Service recently posted the fact that they have released this month their 10 millionth wallet. That is a staggering amount considering that the company only opened its doors less than a decade ago. This is a good sign for both the wallet service provider and Bitcoin. The increased demand for the cryptocurrency has fueled this increased activity for and it bodes well for the continued use of Bitcoin.

A long journey for is an impressive operation considering it only started up back in 2011. Developed as a Bitcoin wallet and block explorer service, it allowed people to have access to important data on the blockchain as well as ensuring a person’s bitcoins were safe. It quickly became one of the most popular sites in the Bitcoin community. In 2013, it became the world’s most visited Bitcoin website, with over 118 million page views regularly.

Year 2014 became a banner year for when it reached in January one million user wallets. This was also the year when it managed to close a $30.5 million fundraising round from Lightspeed Venture Partners and Mosaic Ventures.

At the time, this was a lot of money for a Bitcoin startup. By the end of the year, became one of the first prominent Bitcoin wallets to offer a dedicated hidden service on the Tor network to ensure user privacy when it came to transactions. By 2015, four million wallets were created using the site’s services. This year saw the site’s transaction volume had exceeded 100 million.

That is a lot of progress for just five years of operation and that just goes to show how much Bitcoin adoption has accelerated in recent years. With increasing geopolitical worries, a lot of people are turning to Bitcoin to help protect their assets. is solidly behind these developments and is keeping up with the times. Earlier this year, the site released the third version of its flagship wallet, while also confirming its partnership with Coinify, a Danish blockchain payment service provider.

Buying bitcoins direct from the wallet

The latest improvement to the site’s services is its recent integration of easy buying of Bitcoin directly from the wallet. Thanks to Coinify, European customers will be able to acquire bitcoins without leaving their wallet.

This is a big change since getting bitcoins has always been a bit difficult and slow. This is due to the fact that exchanging real money for cryptocurrencies requires payment of high fees and dealing with tough identity verification procedures.

The combination of Blockchain and Coinify reduces these problems and allows for quick wallet funding via credit and debit cards inside a single user interface. It will only take four steps to do so: users to access their account, pick a method, verify payment, and get the bitcoins.

This service has only begun in the UK, but future plans include expansion into Europe and the world.