Ethereum was ranked the best public blockchain project, according to China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, while Bitcoin was ranked 13th.

Investing in ICO has become the newest trend worldwide, but there are still risks involved. Fraud and scams have caused cryptocurrency litigation to rise.

OpenBazaar is now open to different altcoin payments. This allow various cryptocurrency owners to buy and sell goods at OpenBazaar’s open-source program.

Cryptocurrency prices are notoriously fickle. However, recent price changes are surprising as Bitcoin’s value goes up and Ethereum’s price goes down.

Ethereum and Ethereum Classic are both going through a rough patch, forcing them to more hard forks to address security concerns and operations.

The recent hard fork of Ethereum shook up the cryptocurrency landscape and one of the results is the appearance of Ethereum Classic.

Ethereum is quickly progressing and it has taken two big steps with the first licensed exchanged supporting Ethereum, along with Ether’s rising price.