BreakoutCoin Mining

BreakoutCoin is more than a new cryptocurrency. Developed by some of the best minds in the business, BreakoutCoin is the backbone for an entire gaming enterprise. The Breakout Chain will support cross-platform gaming across a wide range of sites, starting with poker sites to actual digital download game stores. But everything must start with BreakoutCoin mining.

Developed by professionals

The Breakout Chain has been in development for years now. The creative team behind it is pretty impressive. It includes lead developer James Stroud, PhD., a co-founder of CryptoCertify, a cryptocurrency auditing and certification company. Paul Kim, with 25 years of experience in gaming, IT and computer science, with Randy Kim, a professional poker player with 20 years’ experience in casino management, and Gian Perroni, an iGaming executive with more than 18 years of online gaming experience, complete the team.

There are several features that make the Breakout Chain unique. One of them is the use of transaction control points that make the smart contracts used by the chain amenable to pegged sidechains as described and implemented by Blockstream.  This provides the Breakout chain with the ability to host distributed projects of almost any size. This also allows for the Breakout chain’s most distinctive feature: the use of three currencies.

Three distinct currencies

There are three currencies in the Breakout Chain blockchain. The most basic one is the BreakoutCoin which is used for basic transactions. Another currency, Breakout Stake, will stake interest to BRK holders and act as a proof-of-stake method. BreakoutCoin mining produces another token called SisterCoin (SIS). These are used to secure the system’s integrity. Conversion among the currencies is not possible since it would destroy their abilities to have independent value and uses.

BRX can be transferred just like any cryptocurrency, but its main function is to be the staking component of BRK. Breakout Stake will be in high demand because it is the only way to create all future Breakout Coins.

BRX will only be available during the initial sale and no more will be made. Additional BreakoutCoins will be added at a rate of five percent a year and divided among those who hold Breakout Stakes. SisterCoins, on the other hand, are produced via mining and can be used to purchase goods and services but not more Breakout Coin.

The purpose for having different currencies through BeakoutCoin mining is for increased flexibility and security. Breakout coins would be able to cross platforms easily, while Stakes and SisterCoins ensure that no one person or group can take over the network. Overall, the Breakout blockchain looks like an interesting experiment.