Breakout Coin

Breakout Coin is one of the newest altcoins on the block. Though it was first announced back in 2014, it went underground a bit as it underwent some major development.

The Breakout Coin Group had some very good people working on it since then and it literally exploded on the scene in 2016. James Stroud, PhD, whos is the co-founder of CryptoCertify, is the lead developer. Paul Kim is also part of the team as his 25 years of experience in IT, computer science, and gaming play a major role for this venture.

The big difference

The main purpose for Breakout Coin is that it is intended primarily for gaming. This is what makes it so different. The result is that instead of a normal cryptocurrency network with a single token, it offers multiple currencies for different purposes.

First, there is the basic token, which is the Breakout Coin. It is capped at 19.5 million and can be divided to the eighth decimal place. It is similar to Bitcoin and is used for most transactions. An annual 5% increase to the BRK total will be used to attract more users. This is where Breakout Stakes come in.

Breakout Stakes are the second currency that is featured on the network. They are used to indicate that the owner has a stake in the Breakout chain economy. BRX are held at a steady 12.5 million and stake owners automatically get a part of the 5% BRK increase. They act like treasury bonds with a yearly yield.

The final currency is Sister Coin. This is what miners get instead of a straight Breakout Coin reward. They can be converted into either BRK or BRX, depending on the person’s preference.

Big steps

Breakout Coin caught everyone’s attention when the team announced the first round of selling of new Breakout Coins. This sale led to the release of over 4,357,800 BRK into the wild. This got the developers around 851 BTC, which is around more than half a million dollars.

Another round of sales too place, this time for Breakout Stakes. The sale resulted in more money being added to Breakout Coin’s capitalization.

After those sales, Breakout Gaming started opening up the sites linked to the Breakout Chain. Breakout Poker and Breakout PVP are just the first.

Eventually, the Breakout Gaming network is aimed at delivering a whole set of gaming options—ranging from traditional gambling to more mainstream gaming—to those who use the Breakout Coin cryptocurrency.