Launched in 2013, Untraceable Inc. is the first cryptocurrency and blockchain event agency in Canada. The aim of this marketing company is to help grow the crypto community by hosting events related to cryptos and the public ledger.

The company organizes events focused on token creation, innovative tech solutions, and crypto ticketing. Some of its notable events were the first Bitcoin Expo in Canada, ETHWaterloo, and the first Ethereum hackathon. The conferences organized by Untraceable include trainings, VIP dinners, opening events, and workshops.

Untraceable makes sure that its events will contain fruitful presentations from keynote speakers. Each event provides participants with new ideas and updates on innovations. All guests are in for various activities including tradeshows, production events, web development discussions, and interactive experiences. With all these exciting activities, aspiring crypto enthusiasts and users should not miss out on the upcoming Untraceable events.