Trescon is not only an international events organizer, but also a consultancy firm. The company works with several industry sectors from the United Kingdom, UAE, Nigeria, Bahrain, Czech Republic, and Turkey. Knowing the company has a partnership with different countries around the world, those who are planning to attend its events will surely get global marketing strategies.

To deliver world-class business platforms, the event organizer works with specialists that have decades of experience. With this powerful group of individuals working side by side with Trescon, participants are in for well-researched conferences, engaging road shows, interesting expos, and specialized training programs.

Apart from those, Trescon offers public and on-site professional development courses that will help attendees develop effective ways to overcome market challenges. With all of the programs in store for each participant, Trescon becomes more known as an organizer of worthwhile industry events. Some of these include World Blockchain Summit, BiG CIO Show, and World AI Show.