SixDegrees specializes in entrepreneurial events and acts as an online publishing company, specifically for technology, media, and telecoms marketplace. It also offers you events that tackle social and digital marketing.

Its goal is to help companies and individuals, particularly in the business sector, and to build foundations that can help improve the industry. The events will serve as a bridge to connect the registered guests to the main industry. This way, you will know the effects of your business to the economy as well.

Each event has tons of activities and exhibitions for you to expose your business to your target audience. Also, the events by this company will give you networking opportunities. You will have a chance to create partnerships and bonds among other guests.

Further, expect that the events will have speakers coming from ASICS, Audi, Coca-Cola, Coral, Domino’s, Greenpeace, Heineken, The Walt Disney Company, and General Electric.

To register and attend its events, go to its official website or you can email. Do not miss out your chance on developing your skills and gaining more knowledge that can help you improve your business.