Now that the Fintech industry is working with blockchain, d10e, an event organizer on decentralization, hosts events that can help investors and entrepreneurs understand the impact of Fintech and public ledger on the economy.

The conventions will include eye-opening presentations, one-on-one meetings, and networking sessions. The forums are led by experts to give participants relevant and up-to-date information. But those are not all. Attendees can take part in the ICO pitch competition for brand advertising opportunities. There will be three winners who will get a chance to take home the grand prize. More so, the event will feature the landmarks near the venue as guests exchange their knowledge on blockchain technology.

As of now, there are d10e conferences to be held in Seoul, Silicon Valley, Puerto Rico, Vilnius, and Liberland. d10e plans to hold more events, so participants can expect that there will be more conferences to take place in different parts of the world. To attend its conventions, guests can now reserve their tickets online.