TRANSCRIPT: CoinPoint Media Interviews Malta Blockchain Summit Head of PR Denis Dzyubenko

In an exclusive interview held by CoinPoint Media on October 10, 2018, Malta Blockchain Summit’s Head of PR Denis Dzyubenko bares some details about what participants of the “preeminent blockchain and DLT event in Malta” should be excited about.

Denitza Alexieva, Head of Marketing of CoinPoint Group Inc., asked Dzyubenko a few questions regarding the event happening on November 1 to 2. The Head of PR of the summit responded comprehensively while stressing out that Malta Blockchain Summit 2018 is not there to “hog the limelight.” He said it is there to serve as “a platform for others to show what they’re all about.”

Here is the full transcript of CoinPoint’s interview with Denis Dzyubenko:

Denitza Alexieva: Considering the attending speakers and delegates, Malta Blockchain Summit 2018 has a potential to grow into one of the most renowned events in the space. Do you think that the summit is ready for such an occurrence, and how hard did you work to achieve it?

Denis Dzyubenko: We certainly hope it’ll grow into the definitive event of its kind, as we’re putting in a lot of work to give it ambitious scope and carry it off without a hitch. Our success is measured by how effectively we’re able to shine a light on others, however. We’re not in it to hog the limelight – the point of the event is to be a platform for others to show what they’re all about.

Denitza Alexieva: Innovations and new technologies that are going to be announced and discussed at Malta Blockchain Summit are, without a doubt, abundant. However, which speaker or panel discussion attendees are you most interested in during this two-day event?

Denis Dzyubenko: I can’t single out individual speakers or segments I’m more interested in than others. The plan is for it all to be excellent all throughout. I’d rather not pick a favourite before I actually see it – it’s not fair to play favourites, and we never do. Also, we’ve instituted a very careful screening process for everything we’re going to put on the show. So our plan to showcase excellence all the time is not a vague hope, we’re putting in the work to back it up.

Denitza Alexieva: Malta Blockchain Summit will have huge media coverage since people like Joseph Muscat, Scott Stornetta, Silvio Schembri, John McAfee, Eva Kailia, and other crypto influencers will be part of the panels. So what are the top three things about the summit you’re most excited about?

Denis Dzyubenko: I’d start with the expo itself, of course. Having organised similar events in the past, I can tell you that it’s exceptionally exciting to be on site as the show takes shape. We’ve got a ton of great exhibitors on the floor plan, and they’ll be worth the price of admission on their own. We’ve also planned a riveting ICO Pitch, which will definitely be worth following, and a hackathon to put some of the best developers in the biz through their paces.

Denitza Alexieva: This year we had an abundance of Blockchain conferences all over the world. They were all unique and special in their own way. How unique will the Malta Blockchain Summit be, and what sets it apart from other blockchain conferences?

Denis Dzyubenko: Malta has made itself into a unique jurisdiction for the blockchain and DLT space – and that’s definitely a good thing for the country and the industry at large. As the preeminent blockchain and DLT event in Malta, we’ve obviously positioned for exceptional relevance. Our efforts are all about capitalising on that.

Denitza Alexieva: What is Malta Blockchain Summit’s role in Malta’s rise to become one of the top jurisdictions for crypto and blockchain businesses?

Denis Dzyubenko: The Maltese government has taken the lead on the blockchain front. The promised legislation has been delivered. Now it is up to the private sector to do its part. We’re looking to do our part to boost the ecosystem large, and we have to embrace our role. Our job is to facilitate, not steal the scene. If we can stay true to that, we’ll be in pretty good shape.


—– end of transcript —–

Denis Dzyubenko expressed his high hopes that Malta will quickly be on its way to prominence in the crypto space with the help of Malta Blockchain Summit. The event, open to all crypto and blockchain enthusiasts, will be held at the InterContinental Malta in St. Julian’s.