Eventus International Partners with Probability Gaming

Eventus International arrived early in Goa, India to attend Sports Betting and Gaming India Summit (SBGI) 2018 and to seal its partnership with Probability Gaming. This highly anticipated alliance opens the door for the two companies to gain stronger hold in new markets.

Strategic Alliance of Industry Experts

Probability Gaming, one of the attendees of the event and Eventus International’s newest partner, is a multinational casino solution provider that specializes in gaming development, as well as mobile, web-based and social applications through robust mathematical and programming network.

Yudi Soetjiptadi, managing director of Eventus International, said:

“The strategic partnership between Eventus International and Probability Gaming will strengthen Eventus’ presence in India, whilst Probability Gaming will benefit from massive exposure at our African and European gaming conferences and exhibitions. We look forward working with such a fast growing gaming company.”

With Probability Gaming’s expertise in the gambling industry and Eventus International’s global prominence, this strategic partnership will expand the two brand’s market segments; Probability Gaming to gain strong brand awareness across European and African market, and Eventus International to strengthen its hold in Indian market.

Eventus International and Probability Gaming

Manish Tripathi, CEO of Probability Gaming, said:

“Probability Gaming believes in creating a new world of opportunities for the next generation gamers. It’s delighted to see Eventus International has taken an initiative to organise such an informative and detailed gaming conference covering various topics under a single roof in one of the most potential and promising market of the world. The strategic alliance of Probability with Eventus will open newer and meaningful fronts across Europe, Asia and Africa.”

Sports Betting and Gaming India Summit

SGBI 2018 will tackle the latest legal status on sports betting and gambling in India, potential business tie-ups, and more. Apart from the current and potential development in India’s gaming sector, the event’s diverse agenda also encompasses the challenges and risks that come alongside with sports betting and gambling and how to deal with them. The event will highlight anti-money laundering strategies, data protection, and discuss the possible impact of the thriving Indian gambling industry to its community.

With this, Eventus International encourages interested participants to attend this highly anticipated event, which marks the prelude of better things to come in India’s sports betting and gambling industry.