5 Easy-To-Use Crypto Wallets of 2018

More and more people are gaining interest in the cryptocurrency industry. With that curiosity comes research on the best and safest ways one can purchase cryptos. But before buying digital assets, one has to have a digital wallet.

The key for a crypto wallet to be good is it has to be secure, easy, accessible, and open to a wide range of cryptocurrency options. Some e-wallets have additional features to attract their potential users into signing up with them. These kinds of features include, but are not limited to, provision of a plastic pay card and the possibility of doing transactions with traditional currency.

For someone who is just starting to find his way into the blockchain sphere, it is important to choose a crypto wallet that is easy to use. Here are five of the top blockchain wallets that are best for crypto enthusiasts:

1| Bitvo (bitvo.com)

A Canada-based cryptocurrency exchange, Bitvo provides its users an easy-to-use mobile wallet, superior security, 24/7 live support, and a Bitvo cash card. It also promotes that its platform is where cryptocurrency investors can buy and sell cryptos at a low cost.

Pamela Draper, President and CEO of Bitvo, wants Bitvo to make blockchain payments quick, easy, and accessible for Canadians. She said:

“We saw a market opportunity to improve the user experience, automate the onboarding process as well as implement and automate payment options within the cryptocurrency landscape in Canada. We look forward to providing Canadians with a platform they can trust to make cryptocurrency purchases and hope to expand the market as a result.”

2| Wirex (wirexapp.com)

Wirex is a crypto wallet provider that accommodates Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, and its latest addition, Ethereum. It gives its users a contactless Wirex Visa payment card through which one can spend cryptocurrency much like traditional money. Users can use that card to buy in shops and pay in restaurants and public transport.

Wirex also allows its users to buy, store, and manage traditional money (USD, GBP, and EUR) in its cold-storage wallet. Users can even exchange currencies from crypto to fiat money or vice versa for free using Wirex.

Users that are new to the cryptocurrency industry can ease their way into using this blockchain wallet as they can still manage traditional money while trying out cryptocurrency.

3| Cryptopay (cryptopay.me)

Based in London, Cryptopay allows its users to buy, sell, and store cryptos. Global bank transfers are also available with the use of Cryptopay. Its pricing system is transparent as it charges only a 1% miner fee for each conversion transaction. Crypto enthusiasts can be assured that Cryptopay does not have any hidden fees.

This crypto wallet also provides a Cryptopay card which links cryptos with traditional finances. As it moves forward to go global, Cryptopay has recently made its cards available in three new locations. Cryptopay tweeted, “Our main goal is to provide Cryptopay cards to the whole world and we’re doing everything we can to release them as soon as possible! We’ve rolled out our brand new card programme page for #Europe, #Singapore and #Russia.”

With the global release of its prepaid cards, Cryptopay can reach out more to its users and provide convenience in making crypto transactions.

4| Coinweb (coinweb.io)

Coinweb has the goal to make blockchain easy and personal, especially among potential users who are intimidated by the concept of cryptocurrency. The company serves as a bridge to different crypto wallets. Connecting different accounts, Coinweb integrates multiple cryptocurrencies in one personalized wallet for the users’ convenience.

Founder and CEO of Coinweb Tony Gilbert wants to make blockchain accessible to the mainstream which is why that is the core objective of the company. He said:

“Well we’re a team on a mission to create mainstream adoption of blockchain; we’re creating blockchain infrastructures to make it easier to use for everybody, every day.”

5| SpectroCoin (spectrocoin.com)

Founded in 2013, SpectroCoin is a crypto wallet that supports over 30 currencies including Bitcoin, Ether, Dash, and XEM. There are also over 20 ways a user can deposit and withdraw.

This crypto wallet is open to accommodating businesses that want to integrate cryptocurrency into their payment systems. SpectroCoin has a Vendors Solutions feature with which one can avoid cryptocurrency price volatility and integrate eCommerce plugins.

All of these five crypto wallets are qualified to take up crypto transactions as all of them aim to make blockchain accessible for everybody. With client-friendly offers and features, they can attract more crypto investors on the market and help make cryptocurrency more accessible to the public.