Breakout Coin Returns With 2nd Coin Sale

The cryptocurrency world has always been constant in the development of alternatives. With Bitcoin as the benchmark of a successful cryptocurrency, many others are following the trail it blazed. It helps that Satoshi Nakamoto, the Bitcoin developer, laid out the basic idea of its operation in a simple white paper.

That is why there are hundreds of altcoins out there as each uses the blockchain protocol as a spring board for its singular variation. Since 2009, altcoins have managed to develop in ways that make them better for the user. Originally developed as BroCoin, a new cryptocurrency now called the Breakout Coin is an excellent example of this.

The coin sale on Bittrex

Breakout Coin first entered the public consciousness in 2014, when an initial coin sale of 3 million BRKs was done. This was to help fund the initial development of the altcoin. It has been keeping its head down for a bit as the development team tried its best to polish it up for a public release. Experts like Jim Stroud, Paul Kim, and Gian Perroni were brought in to ensure that the results were in keeping with the current technology.

It seems that the altcoin is just about ready and the people behind it are prepping it for release. In anticipation for this, the Breakout Chain has started another coin sale. It started last June 13 and is slated to end on July 7. Selling the coins on Bittrex, one of America’s most trusted exchanges, the company hopes to sell around 6.6 million BRK. Combined with the previous sale and incentives on other sites, there will be 19 million BRK in circulation by the end of the coin sale.

The sale procedure is simple. People can buy the BRK or Breakout Stakes at the exchange for bitcoins. The starting price was set at 4,500 BRK per Bitcoin, but it can increase or decrease depending on supply and demand.

There are also bonuses for buyers. The first week of the sale will give a 15-percent bonus of BRK coins for buyers for the full first week. This is followed by a 10-percent bonus the second week, and a five-percent bonus for the remainder of the sale. When the sale is over, any unbought Breakout Coin will be destroyed, while Breakout Stakes will be kept around.

What makes Breakout Coin different

The Breakout Chain is a new way for altcoins to operate. This is because instead of just one currency, there are three. Each of these has an important part in the Breakout economy. The most basic element is the Breakout Coin and is represented in most daily transactions.

The other two currencies in the system are Breakout Stakes and Sister Coin. These two currencies are used to ensure that the ledger is secure by providing both proof-of-work and proof-of-stake. Sister Coins are considered as proof of work and are awarded to miners and can be converted into Breakout Coin.

Breakout Stakes, on the other hand, provide proof that a person is part of the investment pool for the Breakout chain. With Breakout Stakes, people can earn regular interest, providing an alternative way to earn Breakout coins beyond mining.

The Breakout Chain is supposed to be the basis of an international gaming community, where people can pay for products and services across the entire platform.