Makes Bitcoin Use Easier For Newbies

For many people, taking the plunge into the Bitcoin world can be an intimidating prospect. Learning to use Bitcoin requires that a person learn about the various elements that make it up like how it is produced, where one can buy it, and how to do a transaction. After that, users will then need to find a place to use the bitcoins they have managed to acquire.

To many tech-savvy users, becoming familiar would be a simple matter of reading up on the associated material. For the layman, though, it can be easy to get lost with all of the options when starting out.

When Satoshi Nakamoto publicly released his Bitcoin white paper in 2009, this opened the floodgates for people to start developing their own applications, giving people a lot of confusing choices when it comes to wallets, exchanges, and other Bitcoin-related services.

For those who need a good introduction to the Bitcoin experience, there is one place they should go to:

A little background as a domain name has been around since even before the Bitcoin phenomenon. It has been around since 2000, but it was only after Bitcoin had started to hit it big that the domain name was picked up by people who saw the way the wind was blowing. Angel investor Roger Ver was one of those people and he has managed to develop the site into a very educational one.

When people first arrive at the site, they are greeted by the banner presenting a link for them to click. This is usually an introduction to Bitcoin, though the revolving banner automatically shifts to how to get a wallet and how to get bitcoins. For those who need a primer on Bitcoin, the introduction takes them to a video that quickly explains the essentials of cryptocurrencies.

The next step that beginners often take is to get a Bitcoin wallet. These are needed to perform all of the basic transactions in the Bitcoin network. offers a database of possible wallets to choose from, showcasing what each can do for the user.

More services provided

Knowing which wallet to use is just the beginning. Users then will need to acquire bitcoins. This is usually done by either buying bitcoins from the several exchanges available or to actually mine for bitcoins. Using the Bitcoin exchanges is a lot simpler and only requires that a person invest their money into bitcoins. For those who want to try out mining, can give the basics for home mining or hook them up with cloud mining services.

Getting bitcoins would be useless without knowing how to spend it. helps with this by providing a search tool to find what can be bought with bitcoins. All a person needs to do is enter what they need and gives them links to where to buy them. Additionally, has recently added a casino. Visitors can hope to increase their funds by taking a chance on the many games provided by reputable game content developers hosted by the industry leader SoftSwiss. is an excellent site to introduce a person to the joys of Bitcoin. People should drop by and learn what they can to ensure that they are getting the most out of their funds.