4th Sports Betting East Africa Summit Revisits Uganda in 2018

Eventus International announces it is holding the 4th Sports Betting East Africa (SBEA) Summit in Kampala, Uganda on April 10th to 11th, 2018. This two-day affair shall highlight conferences centering on sports gambling in East Africa and exhibitions showcasing the latest innovations in the field of sports betting.

Still overwhelmed by the success of the last SBEA Summit held in the same city, Eventus excites East Africa’s gambling sphere as it breaks the news that SBEA 2018 will happen at Kampala Serena Hotel, Kampala, Uganda, the same venue where SBEA 2017 was held. This time, though, the company organizing the event looks at the 2018 summit as an even bigger affair as more speakers are invited and more guests are expected to sign up following the expansive buzz SBEA has created across the media sector.

Kampala, Uganda as an expanding sports betting market

Among all the cities across East Africa, Kampala is the best city to live in as rated by an American global development agency. Kampala is also among the top fifteen cities in the world ranked according to the speed of their industrial growth. It has streets lined by sports betting outlets welcoming all sorts of gamblers. It boasts its lightning-speed internet connection that makes its online gambling industry seamless. And it hosts most of the sports betting activities held in Uganda.

Taken aback by Kampala’s  booming market, Yudi Soetjiptadi, Eventus International’s Managing Director, said:

“Kampala’s growing population, increased infrastructure development, and vibrant culture make it the perfect location for getting a broad view of the East African sports betting sector. Those are some of the reasons why we chose the Kampala Serena Hotel last year and based on the overwhelmingly positive responses we got from delegates, we are excited to return to Kampala for the 4th Annual Sports Betting East Africa Summit. “

SBEA Summit 2018 as a luxurious treat to participants

SBEA 2017 held at Kampala Serena Hotel gained a lot of praises from the participants composed of keynote speakers, exhibitors, gambling business operators, and sports betting enthusiasts. This is the reason why SBEA 2018 is set to happen at the same venue.

The five-star Kampala Serena Hotel is in itself a luxurious treat to all the guests. It stands right in the middle of a 7.2-acre land with gardens and pools that epitomize Uganda’s richness in natural resources. A structure with world-class suites, the hotel guarantees that all guests will be well taken care of. Among the exclusive facilities the participants can make the most of are the limousine service, VIP entrance, spa, nearby golf course, spa, running track, and a huge selection of restaurants and bars on the hotel grounds.

Jordan Crossley, conference producer of SBEA, said:

“We envision delegates taking every opportunity to arrange meetings and get to know each other in the 5-star luxury of the Kampala Serena Hotel. The venue sets the scene for getting deals signed and celebrating new ventures all in one place.”

Those who are interested in joining Sports Betting East Africa Summit 2018 may now register. As a present, discounts on two other Eventus International events shall be given to the official delegates of SBEA 2018.