Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference Slovenia 2017

Date: December 12, 2017Ended Organizer: Smile-Expo

City: Ljubljana Country: Location:  Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre 

Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference Slovenia, part of the series of blockchain events by Smile-Expo, will focus on the impact of the distributed ledger in the community of Slovenia. Although this is the first time the country will be hosting the conference, participants can anticipate forums, exhibitions, and networking on December 12, 2017 at Ljublajana Exhibition and Convention Center, Slovenia.

The event will last for only a day but it will present to you the latest trends and laws in relation to blockchain. All information will come from specialists, lawyers, and businessmen from different parts of the world. The presentations will not only expand your knowledge, but will also aim at boosting your business. In fact, the whole event is driven to serve as your gateway to a lot of investment opportunities.

By attending Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference Slovenia, you will get to know more about blockchain and its benefits. Register now and be part of the convention.