July 12 to 13, 2018 │ Seoul, South Korea

Korea Blockchain Summit

Global Blockchain Foundation, an international non-profit organization, is bringing Blockchain Summit to Grand InterContinental Hotel in Seoul, South Korea on July 12 to 13, 2018. Sponsored by Ubex and Hexapay, the event will focus on the future of blockchain in society, government, and education.

The key topics at Korea Blockchain Summit 2018 are DLTS, security tokens, and ICOs. These topics will be discussed in-depth by the invited keynote speakers who are all experts in their respective fields. Participants should also expect discussions on smart contracts, use cases, and blockchain data privacy and presentations on the public ledger’s impact on the music and gaming industries. On top of those, the conference will provide networking opportunities. Attendees can take part in the paper presentation in which they can share their business ideas.

Registration is now open for all aspiring participants. Those who want to attend may choose from among these different ticket types: basic, standard, or VIP.