UNLOCK Blockchain to Solidify Dubai’s Blockchain Ecosystem

The UNLOCK Blockchain forum aims to help build the Blockchain ecosystem in Dubai. It will do so through education of the Blockchain technology and other parts of the cryptocurrency industry.

The forum will offer panel discussions and workshops that have prominent speakers from across the globe. UNLOCK will also open its doors to Blockchain solution startups for free. These are just two of many things UNLOCK Blockchain will offer its delegates on Jan. 14 to 15, 2018 at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Dubai.

Educational Workshops

According to a recent survey from the UNLOCK online media publication, about 67% of people surveyed in the region do not understand how the Blockchain work. This is a challenge for Smart Dubai, which recognizes the magnitude of Blockchain and its effects on the global economic landscape. The UNLOCK Blockchain forum is one of the answers in addressing this challenge.

There will be workshops for both days of the forum. On the first day, delegates can get a crash course on the Blockchain technology through talks like Current and Future State of Crypto Currencies and Digital Identity the basic Building Block for Blockchain Solutions.

On the second day, there are two advanced workshops that tackle some interesting subjects. The first is the Blockchain in Legal Sector, which talks about regulations of cryptocurrencies. The second is the ICOs and Crowd Funding Workshop, which covers the basics of initial coin offering campaigns.

Expert Speakers

There are many speakers with a strong background in cryptocurrency technology who will be attending UNLOCK Blockchain. One of which is Ismail Malik, CEO of Blockchain Labs and the 75th ranked most influential Blockchain people in Rise Global. Malik’s company specializes in developing crypto projects and placement of lead developers to any existing DLT projects.

Another notable speaker gracing the event is Dr. David Kravitz, vice-president of Crypto System Research at Dark Matter. Dr. Kravitz is involved in researching on the insights of different cybersecurity topics. These include public key infrastructure as well as any developments on Blockchain technology. He has a good understanding of authentication, accounting, and authorization services.

Free Space for Blockchain Startups

Another way for UNLOCK Blockchain to help the Blockchain ecosystem of Dubai is to offer Blockchain startups a free space to showcase their work.

Walid Abou Zaki, executive director of Al-Iktissad-Wal-Aamal, said:

“ We are proud to be working with Dubai government entity Smart Dubai to build the future of Blockchain and its related ecosystem as such we felt it was imperative to support Blockchain startups by giving them the opportunity to showcase their solutions at UNLOCK. We hope that this will encourage startups from around the world to come to Dubai and see how they can participate in building the Blockchain momentum here.”

Any region and international Blockchain startups are welcome to fly to the Ritz Carlton Hotel to have delegates from across the globe see their work up-close.