Last Call for India’s BlockDelhi Blockchain Conference

BlockDelhi Blockchain Conference 2018 aims to resolve immediate concerns of the Indian government and financial sector in using cryptocurrencies. It does so with its informative programs to be presented by speakers who have expertise on certain aspects of the Blockchain technology.

Indian residents can register for the conference to be held on Feb. 21 at Le Meridien New Delhi with a price of Rs 8,000 plus GST. Residents who are students, females, and seniors citizens can enjoy the discounted price of Rs 5,000 plus GST.  International attendants can register for the price of US$135 plus 18-percent tax.

In-Depth Programs on Blockchain Technology

Delegates will enjoy a series of educational and thought-provoking talks at BlockDelhi Blockchain Conference. Below are some of the notable programs to catch during the event.

Regulatory Framework on Cryptocurrencies & Blockchain

There is no regulatory framework in India which is needed to achieve a digital leading country. Ajay S Singh will talk about the India government’s plan and vision in regard to regulating Blockchain technology. Singh is an Indian Civil Accounts Service officer who had worked in the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Road Transport and Highways.

The Latest Developments in Cloud Mining

Cloud mining is an alternative means of mining Bitcoin or other minable altcoins without owning any expensive hardware. Marco Krohn will go through new developments in the cloud mining industry. He is the co-founder of Genesis Mining, one of the leading cloud mining providers.

Deploying Winternitz OTS Signatures in an Extended Merkle Signature Scheme for the Purposes of Securing a Network Against Quantum Computers

Blockchain technology currently cannot be hacked by any computer on the market. But quantum computers have the potential to crack the Blockchain code in the future. Adam Koltun will talk about the quantum computing threat to cryptocurrencies and how to utilize Winternitz OTS signatures to address it. He is the marketing manager of the Quantum Resistant Ledger.

Status of Blockchain Technologies in India

Pankaj Som Chaturvedi will cover the use of Blockchain technology in India. Some of the financial district companies are the first to make use of cryptocurrency in India. Chaturvedi is the secretary to the Blockchain Foundation and has an extensive experience in different industrial sectors.

Other confirmed speakers who will join the conference are Ilya Frolov, Sascha Ragtschaa, Oscar Darmawan, Yale ReiSoleil, and many more. Every speaker at BlockDelhi Blockchain Conference 2018 will bring their own expertise regarding the use of blockchain.

BlockDelhi Blockchain Conference from Blackarrow Blockchain Series is nearly here. Fortunately, there is still time to register before Feb. 21. Coin-Info readers will get an exclusive 10-percent discount by using the code MEMBER10 on registrations for the Blockchain conference.