Cubits Adds Visa And MasterCard Payments

Cubits, Europe’s leading Bitcoin buy-and-sell platform, expands its territory to also cover credit card payments.

This is the brand’s latest addition to its diverse list of payment methods, which include SOFORT, Skrill, and OKPay. It may be a late entry into the credit card-accepting market, but it is an essential undertaking that will aid the adoption of the virtual currency in the years to come.

Now with Cubits’ latest addition that caters to MasterCard and Visa credit card payments, more users are given the opportunity to obtain bitcoins. In addition to the two cards, the company plans to introduce more card types in the future.

Closing down the market

Credit cards have long been used by consumers for purchases of all kinds. From physical goods, online shopping, eGaming, and to services, this payment system is present at most times.

In return, the addition of credit card payments can be one of the determining factors that enhance the mainstream functions of Bitcoin in today’s market. Providing individuals with added payment choices means that the accessibility of virtual currency is widened.

Numerous Bitcoin exchanges have started to integrate the well-known payment system into their platforms. This development reflects the idea that the virtual currency is beginning to gain traction with users who prefer employing the conventional payment for Bitcoin purchases.

Moreover, this reflects that more individuals gain interest in the numerous applications of cryptocurrency.

On the other hand, credit card buyers should take note that the developers have placed a cap on the amount of bitcoins that can be acquired. This limit, however, may expand as a user’s credit status and transaction accounts increase.

Furthermore, to guarantee that no excessive abuse of credit cards take place on the platform, the site will require user verification through IDnow via the services granted by 3DSecure.

Broadening the virtual currency range

Bitcoin inherits characteristics that are advantageous for numerous industries such as the investment market, eCommerce, and gaming, which is why the buying power of individuals are amplified with the addition of credit card payments.

One of the breakthroughs bridged by the brand is the processing time for Bitcoin purchases are shortened. This is one characteristic that Bitcoin exchanges barely meet, making Cubits the ideal choice for acquiring the cryptocurrency.

Individuals who wish to explore the world of cryptocurrency with efficiency and urgency in mind can now utilize their credit cards through the platform and receive bitcoins after only a few steps.

This move by Cubits exhibits that the Bitcoin industry has started to secure its name as a prevailing currency. It is also another way to show that fiat currency and digital currency do not cancel out each other, but rather complement one another in their own way. Truly, Bitcoin is a currency that is here to stay.