Coinfest UK Gears Up For April Event

Bitcoin is now advancing as one of the most celebrated innovations to ever touch the human senses. This heart-warming acceptance and acknowledgement given to Bitcoin is greatly evident with the number of events lined up in the next months.

Year 2016 is deemed to be one of the highlighting years in Bitcoin history. Considering that the Bitcoin community is now revving up for the upcoming gatherings, conferences, and events that are dedicated to the digital currency, it cannot be denied that Bitcoin is in for a good start.

Among these scheduled Bitcoin affairs, however, Coinfest UK 2016 remains to be one of the most anticipated. Cryptocurrency experts, adherents, and enthusiasts are certain to satisfy and enthrall themselves with the wondrous itinerary this Bitcoin-dedicated gathering has to offer.

At first glance, Coinfest UK may seem just an ordinary cryptocurrency event that has talks, booths, and social gatherings organized for attendees.

Unlike the majority of previous Bitcoin conferences, Coinfest UK is hyped because of its eccentric approach to organizing Bitcoin events. After all, this convention is known to be the world’s first decentralized festival for cryptocurrency lovers.

Organized by the prestigious CryptoBatesGroup, Coinfest UK will be conducting its program at MadLab—short for Manchester Digital Laboratory—and is scheduled to be a two-day event that will take place on April 8 and 9.

Striding away from all the seriousness and strict-protocols of the cryptocurrency niche, this year’s CoinFest event is all about user engagement and excitement.

CoinFest attendees will be treated to live music streaming of the tunes produced by The Cypherfunks, and are bound to enjoy free tickets for the screening of the award-winning Bitcoin documentary titled ‘Bitcoin: the end of money as we know it.’

Moreover, participants can expect to have Bitcoin-dedicated bazaars to further simulate a Bitcoin-powered environment.

Onsite Bitcoin ATMs, Bitcoin accepting shops, and various Bitcoin freebies like shirts, pins, badges, and stickers, and Bitcoin pizza will also be present in the event.

To top it all off, Coinfest UK partakers can also expect to experience an exciting, proprietary-made game called the Turbocharge game that is developed by the GameCredits cryptocurrency team alongside exclusive webhosting giveaway hosted by CryptoCloudHosting.

In spite of the festive mood Coinfest UK has established with its itinerary, it still remained intact to its underlying mission to promote and establish Bitcoin as the newest and most innovative form of exchange to be introduced in the mainstream market.

To make this possible, top-tier cryptocurrency personalities are invited in order to give in-depth analyses, insights, and predictions regarding the future of the cryptocurrency industry.

Considering the honest and dedicated preparation given to fulfill the Coinfest UK 2016 event only goes to show that Bitcoin supports remain faithful to promulgate Bitcoin awareness and acceptance in the mainstream.