China looks for new Bitcoin restrictions for online exchanges, specifically addressing how Bitcoin exchanges can market their business to new users.

Bitcoin enjoys optimistic market movements recently and India’s impact on Bitcoin prices plays a role in the positive behavior of the cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency prices are notoriously fickle. However, recent price changes are surprising as Bitcoin’s value goes up and Ethereum’s price goes down.

After Donald Trump’s surprising win in the US elections, some experts are thinking that the Trump shock will supercharge Bitcoin prices.

Bitcoin has always been affected by major world events. Now, the US presidential election has the world’s attention and it’s rocking Bitcoin’s boat.

Ethereum and Ethereum Classic are both going through a rough patch, forcing them to more hard forks to address security concerns and operations.

Bitcoin price will get a boost once MegaUpload 2.0 opens in January 2017, according to controversial online entrepreneur Kim Dotcom.

The sudden Bitcoin price spike pushed the cryptocurrency past the $600 mark again, pointing to several factors behind the recent momentum.

Last week, the Brexit referendum voted for the UK to leave the EU and the Bitcoin price dropped. Were they related? Did Brexit cause the price fall?

Bitcoin price hits another high this month as it nears the $700 mark on the exchanges, registering the highest it has been in the last two years.