Craig Wright, nChain’s chief scientist, claims that Bitcoin SV will take Bitcoin ABC off of the chain after the scheduled Bitcoin Cash hard fork on Nov 15.

HTC launched its blockchain-powered phone Exodus 1 on October 22, 2018. The crypto phone can be purchased only with cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Ethereum.

After Australia accepted the use of Bitcoin as payment, the country underwent developments especially in the field of travel, housing, and finance.

In an exclusive interview, Denis Dzyubenko reveals what participants of the “preeminent blockchain and DLT event in Malta” should be excited about.

Buy, sell, and exchange cryptos with the use of these digital wallets which have their own way of making blockchain payments easier for their users.

Sierra Leone teams up with the UNDCF, the UNDP, and Kiva to provide and develop a blockchain digital ID system for the country's seven million people.

With blockchain startups pushing the fifth gear into launching their ICOs, the viability of blockchain technology lies within its implementation.

The governor of the Spanish central bank warned financial institutions that using cryptos are risky, but he praised the potential uses of blockchain technology.

FedEx has announced that it is investing in blockchain, joining other companies in looking for ways to benefit from this new and promising technology.