Worldcoin Value

It is important for Worldcoin users to keep track of the Worldcoin value. The continuous price movements are something you should be aware of if you wish to make the most out of your investments.

The new currency started its journey at a slow pace. 2014 was a slow year for Worldcoin in terms of development. Only a few advancements were accomplished. The team was still concentrating on keeping the Worldcoin value stable.

The following year showed signs of development. New releases were created. The company focused on making the server side stronger. This was something that did not pick up right away, but provided convenience in the long run.

2015 and 2016 Worldcoin value

After a full year, the over 99% of the Worldcoin value faded. The bottom has an estimated average of 0.0035 USD. This ended at the first weeks of May. Towards the second half of the year, it showed a spike with good volume. This is a possible result of the delivery of concrete plans. The Worldcoin Business Center planned to encourage further developments. This ended in August after a big correction was made.

The later Worldcoin value showed stability. It had decent volume and minor spikes. This ended during the first week of 2016. This was an important period. It shows that a new bottom started at around 0.0058 USD. It shows that the devaluation ended. All technical indicators point to higher bottoms in the long run.

Worldcoin today

A new spike started with great Worldcoin value. Over 20 million coins traded. Approximately 19% of total coins in existence just in BTC38. While short term spikes are less interesting than long term trends, this still shows that Worldcoin can grow. Considering that the previous years were unstable, it comes to show that Worldcoin can hold its own.

Add the fact that Worldcoin and Worldcoin wallet are new industry players, users can expect more from the currency in the coming years. This is a huge step for Worldcoin. The developers continue to come up with new innovations. Expect higher bottoms. All of this will eventually attract more users.

Nobody knows where the Worldcoin value will end up. No one can tell if Worldcoin will reach further success. The currency’s ability to adapt to chances is something we have to wait for in the future. Even top altcoins face these. Only time can tell how Worldcoin will turn out.