Feathercoin Value

The Feathercoin value saw declines in 2014. It experienced a price loss of 15%. This price drop is a continuation of the steady fall it faced since the Feathercoin price increased. This happened during the expectation of the altcoin’s algorithm switch.

Since the October spike, the Feathercoin value steadily went down. While it remained at 7,000 satoshis, it kept on going down.

Feathercoin’s beginnings

The price began the last week of November at around 7,000 satoshis. It stayed just below that mark for the following days. At the start of December, the price stayed within 1,000 to 6,000 satoshis.

Small declines followed the Feathercoin value. During this time, the price was at 5,900 satoshis. It left the altcoin with a market cap of roughly $1.38.

While the Feathercoin value is going down, studies indicate a healthy short-term aspect for the altcoin can offer benefits. While it is not up there with the big names, it has strength that should never be underestimated.

The difference between Feathercoin’s market cap and analysis rankings indicate that it is currently under-performing. This is one indication that it could meet its analysis ranking. While investing in the currency is risky, skilled investors should consider buying a few altcoins just to get a feel of it.

2017 is a new year for the altcoin. See what new things the technology has in store. Stay in tune and wait for Feathercoin to gain more traction.

Why go for Feathercoin?

Feathercoin is simple to work with. It is designed to be mined using different techniques. This is not like Bitcoin mining. Ease of use is one of the many factors that affect Feathercoin value in positive ways.

The software is custom. While it is based on Bitcoin and Litecoin, it has led to the development of unique projects. With the support of the community, Feathercoin is bound to break barriers.

One of the attractive aspects of Feather coin is its rewards system. Unlike Litecoin, Feathercoin awards 200 coins for every block found at the outset. This is a lot more than the usual 50 coins miners are used to. Eventually, the system will hold a total number of 336 million coins.

Despite the price movements, Feathercoin is doing well. The Feathercoin value continues to hold its ground. Many see the potential it has. This, in return, helps with the altcoin’s exposure. Combine this with the low difficulty; it adds more popularity to the currency.

More start to mine the coin. It can easily reach the same level of mining as Litecoin and other renowned altcoins. Take advantage of this opportunity and get the most value out of your feathercoins.