FeatherCoin Mining

FeatherCoin was originally released as a branch of Litecoin in 2013, making it a second-generation cryptocurrency. However, FeatherCoin has managed to become a something quite different.

The first difference is that it uses NeoScrypt. Originally, Feathercoin used the Scrypt algorithm for its mining like Litecoin. It is a quicker and simpler algorithm than the original SHA-256 algorithm used by Bitcoin and makes it easy to mine.

Neoscrypt, which FeatherCoin switched to in 2014, is an even simpler algorithm. Additional features have also been added to make FeatherCoin a reasonable alternative coin. If you want to get some FeatherCoin to add to your stash, here’s a simple guide to do so.

Building a rig

Before a person can even consider FeatherCoin mining, they will need a rig. There are three important parts to a mining rig. First is the power supply. A large power supply is necessary if you want to make a great mining rig. This is because you need all that power to get all of the GPUs you will be using to run. A reasonable power supply would generate more than 1000 watts.

The next component is the motherboard. You want a board that will accommodate all of the GPUs. An AMD board with multiple sockets would be the best choice. Finally, a good GPU is needed. Choose Sapphire, Gigabyte, ASUS or MSI brands and pick powerful ones to use. The more powerful the GPU, the better it is for mining.

Other than these parts, you can pick out cheaper parts since they are not as important, though you will want a decent cooling system so that your rig won’t overheat. Putting it all together should be simple enough so the rig should be ready to be used in a single afternoon.

Mining process

Once the rig is ready, it’s time to go online. You’ll need to do so to start mining. The first step is getting a FeatherCoin wallet and some mining software. There are a lot of mining programs out there so it can be hard to pick which one. Check out the forums to see what the general opinion is on what may work best for you. The wallet is easier since there is a default wallet on the FeatherCoin site.

Once you’ve got both, it is a simple matter of installing the wallet and the miner. The wallet should give you a destination for your FeatherCoins as they are mined. Operating the miner is all a matter of following the instructions on its source site. Some may need some tweaking but FeatherCoin mining should be a breeze.