Dogecoin Mining

Dogecoins may have started out as a joke, but it has quickly become a popular online currency. Over 100 billion coins were in circulation by mid-2015. It has been calculated that an additional 5.256 billion coins will be produced every year afterward. Though it is mostly used for tipping and microtransactions, Dogecoin is popular enough to merit people mining a lot of it. If you want your own stash of this Shiba Inu cryptocurrency, it is enough to start Dogecoin mining.

What you need

The main items that you need are graphics cards and electricity. At its most basic, “mining” is all about participating in processing calculations for the network. All that is needed to do this is a processor, which graphics cards have, and power to run the cards. A single PC can also do it, if you’re just dabbling in mining. Start out with your PC to test the waters, though. Don’t use a laptop because they can’t handle the heat of operating as much as a desktop.

Testing out

You’ll need to test your hardware first before starting mining. Check out the software that comes with the initial Dogecoin program. Click on the folder “Mine Dogecoins with CPU” and double click on the file “MineWithCPU.bat”. Your PC will then try to mine Dogecoin. You can then determine how fast your PC can mine. If you are using graphics cards to mine using your GPU, double click on the file “MineWithAMDGPU.bat” or “MineWithNvidiaGPU.bat” from the folder “Mine Dogecoins with GPU/AMD” depending on which graphics card you use.

Finally mining

Once you’ve tested your hardware, it’s time to really start mining. You’ll need to determine whether you want to mine with a pool or alone. If you want to mine with a pool you’ll need to set up a few details to ensure that you connect properly with others in the network. You can also try to mine solo, but you can expect smaller returns. A mining pool helps your computer mine more, with all of the computers in the network helping each other mine faster.

If you want to mine solo, all you need to do is set up your Dogecoin client to mine solo. For pool Dogecoin mining, you’ll often have to set up an account with a pool so that you can have a worker account there. Just visit the pool of your choice and follow the instructions found there. You’ll soon be hip-deep in Dogecoins considering how easy it is to start mining.