Darkcoin Value

Darkcoin is a cryptocurrency packed with notable events, its own Darkcoin value, and other unique features. The project was introduced to the public on January 2014. It was first named XCoin. Since currencies of the kind are already familiar, it gained a considerable amount of users.

Darkcoin value history

Just 10 days after its launch, the team renamed XCoin to Darkcoin. Trades began at around $0.6 at the end of February. 2014. By the end of April, the price stayed under $1. It then doubled to $2 and reached up to $14 by the end of May.

The Darkcoin value remained just above $10 for a while. It started to fall back to $1.6 in August. During the fourth quarter of 2014 the price of Darkcoin moved from $1.6 to $3.2. There was a tendency for its prices to drop. While others may think this is bad, it was an opportunity for some investors out there.

While some had high hopes for the following year, numbers of the Darkcoin value remained the same after the following year. It started 2015 just above $1.6.

Enter Dash

On March 2015, developers switched the name from Darkcoin to DASH (Digital Cash). The former name was changed so that it won’t be associated with illegal businesses and markets. Today many users see DASH as a great alternative to Bitcoin.

The InstaX technology appeared in 2014. This happened during the time where the Darkcoin value was on the rise.. InstaX allowed fast payments with a small fee.

The DASH system showed innovation in the world of new altcoins. It is possible to earn not only by mining DASH or Darkcoins but also through different means. All of this made DASH an attractive option for a lot.

During 2015, the DASH/Darkcoin value did not change much. Prices remained at around $3. Anything below this number provided an opportunity to buy. On the 2015 chart, DASH reached two high points. This included $5.15 in April, 2015 and another in July which was $3.99.

Users can expect further development for DASH/Darkcoin value in the coming years. New projects will give the currency added features. The community actively helps the developers improve DASH by investing in projects.

There are loads of users out there who love DASH because of its high efficiency. This goes for miners in their Darkcoin mining and users who want to send or receive payments. The seamless software allowed DASH to capture more and more users. DASH is definitely worth trying out. Do not miss the opportunity to perform easy and quick transactions.