DarkCoin Mining

DarkCoin is now better known as Dash. Rebranded so that it can have a better reputation, it is the first privacy-centric cryptographic currency. It uses anonymous block transactions powered by DarkSend to ensure maximum privacy, and is generated through DarkCoin mining.

To generate new coins, the cryptocurrency uses a new chained hashing algorithm approach for proof-of-work mining. This ensures that distribution is fair with ASICs being much more difficult to make for these algorithms and will take years. With the chained hashing, high-end CPUs can give an average return similar to that of GPUs. It also results in lesser power usage for GPUs, with them running at about 30% less wattage than when mining Scrypt and 30-50% cooler temperature.

Starting out

If you want to start Dash or DarkCoin mining, here are a few basics. Let’s start with CPU mining, meaning that you are primarily using your desktop processor. The first step is to disable your antivirus. This is because the Dash wallet and the mining software are considered viruses. This can be mostly be traced to the fact that the software shares a lot of data and looks suspicious. If the antivirus is active, the mining software and wallet probably won’t be installed.

After disabling your antivirus, you’ll need to install the wallet. The wallet is needed because it will allow you to receive the Dash being mined. Just click on the wallet to get your receive address and copy it. After you know your receive address, it’s time to install the mining software. There are actually quite a few out there, so you should browse around. Once installed, all you need to do is to input your receive address and run the program. After that you should just leave the program running.  That’s all that it takes for the basic CPU mining.

GPU mining

The option when it comes to GPU mining is pretty much the same. The thing that makes it good is that you can GPU and CPU mine simultaneously and it should mine just fine. This is actually better since you get double the work done. However, you’ll need to have a good graphics card. The better the graphics card, the better the performance.  Just do the same process as you did with CPU mining and you can start DarkCoin mining. Get the receive address, install the software, run it and then input your address. After that, just run the program. You’ll need to keep your computer running though to keep it mining.