Anoncoin Wallet

Anoncoin is one of the cryptocurrencies that focuses on privacy. Anoncoin can be used in I2P and TOR darknet transactions. This allows people to make purchases through these channels without showing where they are. This is the only currency that supports I2P darknet. In order to use Anoncoin, you need to create your own Anoncoin wallet. Your wallet also needs to be setup for either the I2P or TOR darknet.

Downloading and creating the Anoncoin client

To get started on your Anoncoin wallet, you need to download the client from their website or their wiki page. Windows users simply select the zip files which fit their OS. They should download the “release win32” if they have a 32bit OS and ‘release win64” if they have a 64bit one. Mac users simply download one installer for their system.

Linux owners on the other hand, are going to need to go the extra mile in creating an Anoncoin wallet. They need to build the cryptocurrency from source. As of this time of writing, the Anoncoin team is working on a binary for different Linux system.

Setup Anoncoin for I2P

To get Anoncoin wallet running on I2P, you need to first build the latest version of Anoncoin from source. There is also a develop version you can download. If you have a previous version of Anoncoin, delete all of the files in the data directory EXCEPT FOR THE WALLET.DAT.

Install a java I2P and set is up. Next, install the Anoncoin client you downloaded. Download and move the bootstrap.dat file from the Anoncoin data directory. Copy and paste the sample anoncoin.con made for the 9.6.12 version to the data directory. Use the special link to activate the SAM application bridge. Have it run the setup as well as save the configuration.

To continue with your Anoncoin wallet, give the SAM application bridge time to launch by waiting for five to six minutes before starting the Anoncoin-qtc 9.6.12 with the command shown on the wiki page. If you are on windows, you can run the “Generate I2P static privatekey” instead. When you want to use I2P mode without the Anoncoin.conf file, use the command prompt on the site or use the “Anoncoin core I2P-only” shortcut for windows.

You will be using the I2P address generated from the previous step. The address can be changed in the Anoncoin.conf file. Another way of changing the address is to the menu settings of the client.

After going through the steps above, you should now be able to use Anoncoin wallet in the I2P darknet. You can also try Anoincoin mining.