Anoncoin Value

The Anoncoin value did not take off as expected. This did not bother users at first. It had a slow start. Until now, the currency battles uncertainties. However, the new currency continues to show purpose. It faces many ups and downs, but endures every step of the way.

During the first days of October 2014, the currency was valued at 189,987 satoshis. After a few days, it increased to 206,838 all the way to 226,245 after the first week ended. In less than a week, the Anoncoin prices went up 40%. This was a decent amount for any new currency.

Prices yet increased during the second week. In just a day, the Anoncoin value rose once more. The increases went over values during the previous days. It was valued at 386,795 satoshis. This showed a 49% increase in just a day—an impressive number in any form of currency.

After this, the Anoncoin value increase helped the coin’s market cap go up. It reached $1,837,285. This placed it on the 22nd spot among all cryptocurrencies.

Price crash

On October 19, 2014, the developers announced that it would take longer than anticipated. This took the Anoncoin value to a downward curve. After this, the price was at 240,000 satoshis. It was a disappointment after all the earlier price increases.

The Anoncoin value is yet to recover from this. After all the price drops, it has a market cap of $360,000. This brought it down to the 51st rank on the market cap charts.

Prices continued drop down to 67,152 satoshis. It then quickly went up to 88,000 and increased before the start of November. By November 4, 2014, the Anoncoin value had fallen down once more. It was priced at 74,000 then down to 62,291.

The future

After all of this, users of the currency and those who engage in Anoncoin mining continued to worry. Questions were asked. The prices did not reflect progress. Some would say that this was the end of the currency.

Many similar currencies took down investors in the past. This is why users of the altcoins have reason to worry when prices go up and down at a fast pace. Add unexpected delays that may come, and there might be more reasons to leave than stay.

However, once it reaches full release, players can expect more stable prices. Anoncoin introduced a new development schedule. It was recently presented to the public. It is a young currency. There’s still plenty more to see here. Expect more improvements to come along the way. Investors should take a closer look. Find details that could bring it back up. There might be key features here you can miss.