Anoncoin Mining

Anoncoin promises full anonymity for its users. Launched back in 2013 when some coders though that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies were not doing enough to ensure anonymity, Anoncoin is currently the only cryptocoin out there that supports the i2p darknet.  It is also fully TOR compatible. This allows it to perform darknet transactions. Both of these ensure that the Anoncoins used can be fully scrambled and thus not traceable back to a particular wallet.

Getting Anoncoin

Anoncoin mining is the primary way that a lot of people get their ANC. This is because Anoncoin uses the Scrypt algorithm for its proof-of-work mining. Unlike the SHA-256 algorithm that is used by Bitcoin, Scrypt is a lot more forgiving and is easier to mine. There’s no need for a processing heavy unit to mine Anoncoin, you can actually mine with just your CPU, though it will be a bit slow.

To begin mining, prospective miners need to download a wallet and set it up. Wallets are easy to find and the main site even has a default one. Just pick the correct software that works with your operating system and have it installed. Running it the first time should have your wallet configured and ready to start mining Anoncoins.

There are two choices when it comes to mining though. You either do solo mining or participate in the mining pool. Proof-of-work systems mean that there will be strong competition in the mining arena. Pooled mining is recommended because it lets you share resources with other people. The result is that people receive smaller but steady payouts. If you’re mining Anoncoin on your own, it may take a very long time for you to earn those block rewards. Pick out a mining pool and join up. They often have instructions on how to configure your miner to contribute to the pool.

Other methods

There are other ways to get Anononcoin. Free coins are available at Anoncoin faucets. They keep dripping free coins round-the-clock. Faucets are a great way to start getting your first free coins without having mining software. Unfortunately, they can be pretty slow since you have to wait a particular amount of time before you get your next drip of Anoncoin. Another way to get ANC is to just buy it at exchanges. Exchange your Bitcoin for Anoncoin at reasonable prices. There are quite a few exchanges that sell Anoncoin to those who are interested.